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Transforming Business, Powering The Connected Consumer, and Even Saving Lives and The Planet.

Company’s Profile

Catalyst Angel is an public relations agency and marketing communication consultancy that foucses on the ICT and corporate markets in India and Abroad.


We are a multi-service agency providing strategic communications advice to a diverse range of public and private sector clients at a senior level.We are first and foremost communication strategists and invest heavily in understanding a client’s needs before ever offering a solution or service.


Catalyst Angel helps clients manage communications with their many stakeholders including internal staff, customers, media and partners, and has strength in corporate and public affairs, consumer and brand PR, digital and social media and change and internal communications, we help companies hire at all levels from post-graduate trainees to Directors of Corporate Affairs and Managing Directors of consulting businesses.

Public Relation

One of India’s most experienced full-service communications consultancies, Catalyst Angel has a reputation for tenacity, commitment and delivery.  We are instinctively big picture thinkers and our role is not merely to do, but to advise clients on what needs to be done.


We’re not ‘yes people’. We tell our clients what can be achieved, when it can be achieved and how we’ll do it… and we’re not afraid to challenge the brief.

Public Affairs

This is sensitive and delicate work, undertaken at a high level within our organisation.  The first stage is establishing who our clients should be influencing. Thereafter it is vital to identify opportunities for effective key stakeholder interface, providing guidance, support and facilitation. For clients it is also about advising them on their communication needs during times of difficulty and helping them to manage their reputation internally and externally.

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