Digital and Social Media

Social Media is inextricably woven into the fabric of our daily lives. We use it on both a personal and business level, but as it evolves, many businesses miss out on maximising the opportunities which makes it easier to adopt and adapt into their marketing strategy.


Social Media trends evolve on a daily basis. and it can be hard enough to manage your business and maintain your daily social media responsibility.


Catalyst Angel half day Social Media Training Course is designed to maximise your reach penetration and your profits. We specialise in tailoring your social media efforts to your target customers.


Catalyst Angel helps companies optimize social media engagement as part of their strategic communications initiatives. We develop and execute dynamic programs that begin with listening and strategic insight. From there, we handle everything from developing and sharing engaging content to working with digital influencers and amplifying the content. Social media experts are a part of all our teams. We’re ready to advise on the nuances of social strategy and execution for B2B, technology, health and other regulated organizations.