Media Planning

Catalyst Angel works across the print and broadcast media, on a daily basis, throughout India and Abroad.


When social media and online information sources became hugely popular, many experts predicted the end of “traditional media.” It didn’t happen, and today what some call “mainstream media” is just as important as it’s ever been—but in a different way. And that’s why we specialize in media relations.


Stories in the national press, regional newspapers and trade magazines are now the content that feeds the vast social and online amplification machine. Catalyst Angel has always been the leader in aggressively telling our clients’ stories through the mainstream, trade and vertical media and today this continues as one or our unique strengths. We’re storytellers for our clients—creating brand visibility and leads through all forms of media as part of carefully integrated communications programs.


Our media relations activities include setting up media interviews for clients, writing and distributing news releases, forward feature research, article writing and placement, case study development and journalist briefings.