Public Relations

Good PR is all about building and maintaining a positive image of your business in front of the key audiences you wish to influence.


At Catalyst Angel, we achieve this through proactive media relations, exhibition support, sponsorship management, conference/seminar speaking opportunities, workshops, corporate communications and web copy.


With solid ‘communications strategy’ foundations we also offer a range of communication tools and solutions – designed to meet the needs of the strategy. Like any good tradesman we know how and when best to use each tool.


We offer a credible integrated communications solution, ensuring clients messages are maximised within budget.

Isn’t PR and Advertising the same thing?

If I had a pound for those folk who believe that PR and advertising are cut from the same cloth, I’d be a very rich man indeed. The two industries are different even though they’re commonly confused as being the same.


And with them being different, the strategic consequences between the two will unquestionably shape the tone of the marketing plan. There are of course, budgetary and financial implications – public relations will always prove to be more cost effective – delivering more impact, but some equally might feel an advertising campaign is the appropriate solution – it all depends on your requirements.